STEAMing into the Future

Dec. 8, 7 p.m. Kearsarge Regional School District Superintendent Winfried Feneburg will give a presentation on the need to build a new STEAM wing at the high school. This item will be a Warrant Article in March.

If approved, the STEAM project at KRHS will be partially new construction that will be added to the outside of the existing structure, about 10% of it, and 90% renovating, enhancing, and restructuring our existing inadequate classroom space necessary to educate our students.

Info on the STEAM wing:

WHO will benefit? Most importantly, our students, teachers, district, all seven towns, and our local community as a whole.

What is S.T.E.A.M.? Science, Technology, Engineering, Applied Arts, and Mathematics. A learning space that specializes in accommodating Science, Technology, Applied Arts, and Mathematics courses that we currently teach at KRHS (Culinary arts, Robotics, Tech Ed., Wood Shop etc.).

When? The project would break ground and officially begin in June of 2023. It is estimated to be completed and ready for full use by the Fall of the 2026 School year.

Why? Our high school was built in 1970. The existing space and the bones of the building are fine. However, we need to enhance KRHS so that we can provide the very best and updated learning environment for all of our students.

— To give our students the ability to take part in inquiry and project based learning and enable them to graduate from Kearsarge well prepared with skills and knowledge for life after high school.

— To accommodate the 21st Century Educational Paradigm Shift. High school graduates need to be prepared for paths that don’t immediately include a four year degree. Our graduates need to prepare for many post-High school graduation pathways such as earning a Credential, entering a certificate program, or going straight into the work force. Career Skills, Competency, Adaptability, and Flexibility are necessary for our students to be successful in whatever they do after graduation.

— To move the administrative offices and the main KRHS entrance to the front of the building for safety and practical reasons. Currently the main entrance is in the back of the building. ​– Kearsarge Regional School District School Board Chair, Alison Mastin

Locker room space- To provide updated, safe, and ADA compliant Locker room areas for both boys and girls athletics and P.E. classes. To save money for some necessary Deferred Maintenance projects- We need to put on a new roof and have that will need to be done no matter what. We need to update our HVAC systems and controls. These items will cost more if we don’t roll them into this project.

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