Ukraine: What You Need to Know

Join Carlyse and Bob Evans, former residents of Ukraine, to learn about the evolving political situation there.

Mrs. Evans is a Slavic historian and was a visiting professor at L’viv state University, L’viv Ukraine.  She lived in Ukraine and Russia for 9 years and speaks Russian and Ukrainian.  For the last 20+ years, Carlyse has managed offices, regional teams and global teams for international law firms in the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Canada and the Czech Republic.

After graduating from Cornell University with a dual major in Russian history and Political Science, Mrs. Evans completed her doctoral studies in Russian history and two masters degrees, one in Russian & East European and Eurasian Studies and a second in Russian history from the University of Kansas. Carlyse’s doctoral research examined the role rule of law played in economic development of the energy industry in Ukraine in the 19th century, comparing the Russian Imperial and Austro-Hungarian legal and economic systems. Her master’s theses were on American charitable aid to Russia during the 1892 famine and the Russian Imperial Banking system.

Bob Evans was a senior television and media executive for over 20 years in the United States, Russia, Ukraine  and other former Soviet Republics. After leaving the private sector, he ran groundbreaking US AID democratization and independent media projects for just under 10 years in Ukraine, Belorussia, Georgia, Armenia and Kosovo.

Bob lived in the region for over 15 years, often as the sole Westerner in the organization. He worked closely with Russian, Ukrainian and Georgian governmental agencies, creating the first satellite television system with partner ITAR TASS, The Russian Government owned and operated news organization, serving on the Ukrainiain Media Advisory Council which was part of the Ukrainian government department, equivalent to the US FCC, and appointed to the Georgian National Communications Commission.  

map of Ukraine

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