Friends of the Library (FOWPL)

The Friends of the Library host a Holiday Centerpiece workshop in the library’s Creativity Lab.

About Us

We are a nonprofit organization of volunteers who raise funds to supplement the Town library budget. This is done through bake sales, silent auctions, raffles, dinners, etc. This is the 33rd year that FOWPL has been supporting the library. The Friends was started in May, 1988. The library was facing some expenses due to the renovations of connecting the town hall with the school to be the library with bathrooms. Goodbye to the outdoor toilet!!
       Since that time, FOWPL has contributed substantially to the Library budget. For instance, between 2004 and 2007, we contributed a total of $75,850. In recent times, we average between $5,000 and $6,000 per year.

Take a book! Return a book! Leave a book!

Hikers visit the Tiny Library on Bog Mountain at the season’s close.

Have you seen our Tiny Libraries? There are 12 of them. Each one was painted and decorated by the person who “adopted” it. They are located in various places around town:

  • Wilmot Town Green
  • Corner of Pancake Street and Campground Road
  • Wilmot Learning Place preschool building
  • Timmy Patten Park Beach on Shindagan Road
  • Intersection of Sawyer and North Wilmot roads
  • Two places on Campground Road
  • Summit of Bog Mountain 
  • Pancake Street
  • Pedrick Road
  • Two on Kearsarge Mountain Road
Myles Gordon unwraps the Bog Mountain Tiny Library in spring.

When you shop Amazon for the holidays, be sure to enroll in AmazonSmile and have a percentage of your purchase benefit the Wilmot Library.

Annual Meeting
In May of each year, we hold our annual meeting, which is open to the community and includes a speaker. Notice of our annual meeting, as well as our programs and fundraising events, are posted on the Library’s main page, advertised in the Kearsarge Shopper, and listed on the WOW calendar. 

Because we depend on memberships and donations, joining the Friends is a great way to support the library. The cost is only $5 per person. Dues and donations support the on-going needs of the Library, providing equipment and supporting many programs. In 2018, we had 85 households that were Friends! Membership forms are available at the library, the Wilmot Post Office, and the WCA Red Barn. Or, send $5 to Nola Aldrich, 46 Bunker Hill Road, with your name, address, and email/phone. We would love to have you as a Friend.

To join FOWPL look for a sign up form at the library, or just send $5 to Nola Aldrich, 46 Bunker Hill Road, with your name, address, and email/phone. We would love to have you as a Friend.

Friends receive the Sue Palmatier Award in 2107.

Friends Award

In 2017, the Friends of the Wilmot Public Library received the Sue Palmatier Award for Outstanding Support by a “Friends of the Library” Group from the New Hampshire Library Trustee Association.